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The Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation

The Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation at Hoosick Falls

The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Hoosick Falls (The Center) has been part of the Hoosick Area Community for 100 years. The Center is so inter-twined within our community, since its very beginning as a birthing and health clinic in 1914; it is easy to not appreciate how unusual this history is. Very few small communities still have such a resource. For 100 years, The Center has been called home for so many, a place close to their own home. It has also meant that The Center could and does count on the community for assistance in many ways; including its auxiliary, the local emergency corps, pharmacy and doctors as well as financial support. This is 100th year of that relationship, and we want to say thank you, celebrate our place in our community and seek your continued help.