NY Forward Round 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the official webpage for the Village of Hoosick Falls NY Forward grant is created, we will link it here. The official website will be the home to the most recent information regarding the Village's progression through the NY Forward Grant processes. This page serves as an archival page on the application process.

In 2023, the Village of Hoosick Falls submitted its second application for the NY Forward Grant. In late December of 2023, the Village of Hoosick Falls was awarded $4.5 million as part of the Capital Region's 2nd Round award winners (along with the Village of Schuylerville). The Governor's press release is located here on the Governor's website.

Part of the NY Forward processes is a separately created website for all things related to the Village of Hoosick Falls' Round 2, and will be the location for all up to date information on the grant. Once that website is active, we will link to it here.

LPC Meeting #1

The first meeting of the Local Planning Committee (LPC) will be held on Monday, June 3rd, 2024 at the Armory in Hoosick Falls. Click here for the Meeting Card and for more information on the first LPC Meeting. This meeting is a working meeting of the LPC, but is open to the public.

Official NY Forward Site

    Part of the NY Forward program is providing an up-to-date website for the Village of Hoosick Falls' NY Forward documents, news, schedule, and latest developments.

    Once the website has been created, a link to the page will remain here.