Zoning Code

The Village completed an update of our zoning laws and regulations in 2017. For ease of access and search functionality, the complete code can be viewed at the link below.

Village of Hoosick Falls, NY Zoning Code

For Building Code information, please go to the Code Enforcement page.

Laws, Regulations, and Code

This page is under development. It is where the Village laws and regulations will be posted.

Open Burning Law — Local Law #1 of the Laws of 2012
[download a printable version of the law]

The purpose of this Local Law shall be to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of the people of the Village of Hoosick Falls by prohibiting the burning of garbage, rubbish and refuse and regulating open burning and recreational fires.


Nuisance Law — Local Law #1 of the Laws of 2009
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Is your neighborhood being impacted negatively by the actions or inactions of other residents? Are properties not being maintained? Are you concerned about possible criminal activity in your neighborhood? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you can do something about it.

Hoosick Falls has a Nuisance Law which holds both property owners and tenants accountable for their own actions and inactions impacting the quality of life throughout the Village. The Office of Code Enforcement is overseeing the implementation of this law along with the Police Department for potential criminal activity. Concerns and complaints can be addressed by filling out a Nuisance Law Complaint Form. The form may be obtained from the Village Clerk’s Office. By giving the completed form to the Village Code Enforcement Officer, you have taken the 1st step to improve the quality of life for all village residents. All information will be kept confidential unless required by court action. The complete law can be downloaded as a PDF.


Regulations Governing Dwelling Units, Apartments and Tenements — Local Law #4 of the Laws of 2002
[download a printable version of the law]

The purpose of this Local Law is as follows: 1. To protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Village of Hoosick Falls by establishing minimum standards governing the maintenance, appearance and condition of residential dwellings; 2. To fix certain responsibilities upon owners, operators, occupants and other persons; 3. To authorize and establish procedures for the inspection of residential premises; and 4. To fix penalties for the violations of this chapter, and provide procedures for correcting violations in those cases where municipal action is required.


Snow Emergency Ordinance
[download a printable version of the ordinance]

During declared snow emergenciies, this ordinance will be in full effect. Compliance by citizens will ensure the safe and quick removal of snow from the Village streets and municipal parking lots. Snow emergency notifications can be found on the community TV channel, news outlets, and online. If you are elderly or handicapped and cannot move your vehicle in a timely manner because of snow conditions, contact the Village offices, police department, or highway superintendant in advance for instructions.


Swimming Pool Regulations
[download a printable version of the regulations]

Pool installations—including above ground, seasonal, and inflatable swimming pools—require a building permit. Any pool or spa capable of holding more than a depth of 24" of water requires an enclosure (fence) 48" high with a self closing gate and lock. The pump needs to be plugged in to a GFCI Outlet (no extension cords) and there also needs to be an alarm. If a pool is 48" high and has a ridged barrier it does not need a fence—if the ladder can be removed or tipped inward so access cannot be gained.