Solid Waste

Solid Waste Disposal Information

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The Village continues to improve its recycling rates as the single-stream recycling program has become more familiar with everyone. We encourage you to continue to work on improving recycling rates. This saves not only our environment, but saves our Village real dollars.

The Village will continue to have the transfer station open to residents throughout the year. The ERC Community Warehouse will continue to accept electronics for recycling. There is no charge for computer monitors. CRT televisions will be accepted at the following rates:

  • Cathode ray tube televisions less than 27" will be $10
  • Cathode ray tube televisions more than 27" up to 36" will be $20
  • Cathode ray tube televisions 36" or more (including wood console and projection TVs) will be $30
Do not discard electronics in your household trash for curb-side pickup. It is against NYS law to do so.

The Eastern Rensselaer County Solid Waste Management Authority (ERCSWMA) offers two Household Hazardous Waste Collection days annually--in spring and fall. You must preregister for these events, but there is no charge for Village residents to dispose of old chemicals, paints, or petroleum products.

The provided containers are for household waste and recyclable materials only. Each household is allowed one 33 gallon container for household waste, and one 33 gallon container for recyclables per week. Overfilled containers will not be picked up. Containers with items other than standard household waste and recyclables such as; broken furniture, yard tools, large toys, sports equipment, construction debris, electronics, yard waste, hazardous waste, etc. will not be picked up. No items left at the curb outside of the provided containers will be picked up. Trash items other than standard household waste and recyclables must be brought to the transfer station for disposal. Usable household items can be donated to the ERC Community Warehouse. Disposal container contents are video monitored as they are off-loaded to the trucks. Violators of the solid waste policies will be cited and fined. Disposal containers must be removed from the curb side at all times except pick-up days.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Every day of the year

Download a printable PDF of the recycling guidelines to keep handy!

Acceptable items:

  • Paper
    • Newspaper; computer, fax & copy paper; kraft paper (brown grocery bags); envelopes; magazines and catalogues; chipboard, box-board, and cardboard; Ledger, notebook and loose-leaf paper; paper-based egg cartons; soft-covered books and phone books; junk mail (including envelopes and coupons); juice boxes and milk cartons; cardboard rolls (toilet paper etc.); paper cups and plates.
  • Metal
    • Aluminum cans; tin and bi-metal containers (including aerosol cans); aluminum foil; pie tins.
  • Plastic
    • Frozen food cartons; milk cartons; plastic cartons marked 1-7 recyclable including; empty household cleaner and laundry containers (no lids), yogurt and dairy containers, empty automotive product containers, etc.
  • Glass
    • Green, clear, and brown bottles.

Unacceptable items:

  • Organic waste; diapers; clothing; styrofoam; plastic bags; caps or lids; food; compost; household trash.


Transfer Station

Staff: Charles Prebble


Address: Walnut Street, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090

Hours: April 1 – November 30; Open Tuesdays 8am – noon, and Saturdays 8am – 2pm. December 1– March 31; Saturdays only, 8am – 2pm.

Fees: Based on items in load and load size. Metal items are free.


ERC Community Warehouse

The ERC (Eastern Rensselaer County) Community Warehouse is a non-profit reuse center established to divert reusable goods from waste disposal. The organization accepts donations of reusable goods (which might otherwise be destined for a landfill or incinerator) from individuals, businesses and institutions.

Phone: (518) 687-1017

Address: 19 Church Street, Melrose, NY

Hours: Thursdays, 11-7; Fridays, 9-5; Saturdays, 9-4




The Village Transfer Station does not except hazardous waste items. For information on what is considered hazardous waste, and how to dispose of hazardous items, please visit the ERCSWA website.

Download a printable PDF of the Recycling Guidelines to keep handy!


Used Clothing Drop-off now at the Transfer Station

All USABLE clothing and fabric items such as; clothing, shoes, belts, purses, blankets, sheets, drapes, table linens, and stuffed toys will be accepted. (Please, no rags, fabric scraps, pillows, plastic toys, or non-fabric household items.) Your donations will not be cut up or shreaded, but will be used to help people in need.

  • Send clothing to people who can use it all over the US and the world.
  • Help the environment by keeping usable clothing out of landfills
  • Receive a tax deduction for your donation (forms are at the drop-off location)
Please help us keep your donation clean and dry by putting items in sealed plastic bags.