Village Board

Mayor: Robert Allen -

Deputy Mayor: Robert Ryan -

  • Deb Alter -
  • Brett Hanselman -
  • Doug Sauer -
  • Dan Schuttig -
  • Megan Walraed -

Secretary: Olivia Schneider -

The Village Board of Trustees meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm at the new Highway Garage located at 7 Waterworks Road, unless a special meeting, postponement, or alternate location is necessary.

Meeting Documents





For specific information concerning public hearings, meeting agendas and meeting dates, or to be added to the "people to be heard" period of a scheduled-meeting agenda, please call the Village Clerk's Office at: 518-686-7072.

The Village Board meetings are open to the general public.

Village Board meetings are often recorded for archival purposes. All recorded meetings are uploaded to YouTube on the Village's YouTube Page. We are in the process of uploading all recorded audio meetings. If you need a particular recording, please reach out to the Village Clerk.



A tentative agenda will be posted for download on the morning of each meeting on the main Village web page. Additional items may be added to any agenda prior to the 6:00pm meeting.

FOIL Request

Looking for information or a particular document that isn't listed here? Fill out our FOIL Request Form and submit it to the Village Clerk or the Village Office.

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