Correspondence from The Village Board and/or Mayor (most recent at top)
April 18, 2017 Letter from Mayor to EPA Administrator Pruitt regarding the Federal Superfund Site
January 24, 2017 Q&A on Saint-Gobain & Honeywell Agreement with the Village of Hoosick Falls.
August 1, 2016 Letter to residents
June 23, 2016 Letter to residents
April 15, 2016 Letter to residents
February 25, 2016—Mailer to all residents re: water system flushing
February 5, 2016—Letter from Mayor Borge to EPA, DOH, DEC, re: Superfund Questions. (See the EPA response—April 6, 2016)
February 1, 2016 Letter
December 18, 2015 Letter
December 1, 2015 Letter
August 2015 Letter
April 2015 Letter
December 2014 Letter


New York State Governor's Office (most recent at top)
March 13, 2016—Press Release from Governor's Office re:Hoosick Falls Water Announcements
March 10, 2016—Letter from NY, VT, NH Governors to the EPA
January 27, 2016—Superfund Action Plan Announcement


NYSDOH Correspondence (most recent at top)
October 5, 2016—Additional Biomonitoring Dates Announcement
May 10, 2016—NYS DOH, DEC Pools and Hot Tubs FAQ
April 6, 2016—NYSDOH approval of full-capacity GAC system plans for HFMWP
March 30, 2016—Letter to the Village re: municipal water testing results
February 26, 2016—Door hangers with general information about the flushing program and flushing instructions.
February 26, 2016—Letter to the Village re: municipal water testing results
February 26, 2016—Testing and Flushing Information Press Release
February 24, 2016—Water System Flushing Plan Approval
January 7, 2016—Temporary GAC System Approval Letter
December 18, 2015—PFOA in Hoosick Falls Long Fact Sheet
January 9, 2015—Risk Characterization and Health Effects for Hoosick Falls Water Supply


EPA Correspondence (most recent at top)
May 19, 2016—PFOA, PFOS Fact Sheet; long term levels.
April 6, 2016—EPA respons to Mayor Borge's February 2016 letter (See Mayor Borge's letter—February 2016)
January 28, 2016—Statement on Private Wells in the Town of Hoosick
December 17, 2015—Statement on Hoosick Falls Water Contamination
November 25, 2015—Letter to the Village
March 2014—EPA Emerging Contaminants (PFOA PFOS) Fact Sheet.
EPA-Hoosick Falls Drinking Water and Groundwater PFOA Contamination FAQ
Saint-Gobain Letter to EPA Reporting Discovery of PFOA in Hoosick Falls Municipal Water


DEC Correspondence (most recent at top)
July 21, 2017—Liberty Street Superfund Designation
July 21, 2017—John Street Superfund Designation
August 29, 2016—Designation of Hoosick Falls Landfill as Potential Hazardous Waste Disposal Site (P-site)
June 3, 2016—Consent Orders for Saint-Gobain McCaffrey Street, and Liberty Street sites; and Oak-Mitsui John Street, Lyman Street, and River Road sites
May 10, 2016—NYS DOH, DEC Pools and Hot Tubs FAQ
March 8, 2016—Letter from DEC Commissioner to Mayor re: Order on Consent
February 25, 2016—Press Release re: GAC Filtering and Municipal Water System Flushing
February 24, 2016—Water System Flushing Plan Approval
February 11, 2016—Letter to Saint-Gobain and Honeywell re: responsibility
February 4, 2016—Status of State and Federal Superfund Investigations
January 14, 2016—Letter to EPA Regional Administrator.
January 14, 2016—Joint Letter (NYSDOH) to EPA National Headquarters


New York State Senate Correspondence
January 3, 2017—New York State Senate Report on Water Quality and Contamination
August 15, 2016—Notice of Public Hearing on Water Quality and Contamination
August 15, 2016—Request for Village Mayor's testimony at August 30th public hearing


Other Correspondence
March 8, 2016—Letter from Saint-Gobain to DEC re: Committment
Hoosick Falls Temporary GAC System Basis of Design (C.T. Male)
April 2016 Letter from Congressman Chris Gibson to NYSDOH and NYSDOH's June 2016 Response Letter.
June 24, 2016—Schumer, Gillibrand and Gibson letter to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH)
July 18, 2016—Honeywell Fact Sheet re: Site Environmental Investigations
July 22, 2016—Letter from Senator Schumer to EPA re: NPL for Hoosick Falls
July 18, 2016—Letter from Superintendent of Hoosick Schools supporting municipal water/sewer expansion
August 4, 2016—Letter from Headmaster of Hoosac School supporting municipal water/sewer expansion
August 10, 2016—Letter from Hoosick Housing Authority supporting municipal water/sewer expansion
September 20, 2016—Letter from Senator Gillibrand to CDC requesting Health Assessment
January 9, 2017—Draft Settlement Agreement between the Village of Hoosick Falls, Saint-Gobain and Honeywell